Fantastic YOUTUBE Segments Based Of My DVD’s Of

“The Jeff Indyke Drum Education Shows” & My Many CD Concepts!!!

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1)        Jeff Indyke: Gadd Clinic Review Part II (Long Island) Order…. Gadd In Clinic Review I-VI Season VI & I-VIII   Season VII; Gadd Files I-III Season I;  Concept 7 & Any Of The Genetic Funk Files DVDs Or CDs!!!


2)        Jeff Indyke Study on a Bonham Studio Snippet (Order….Bonzo Snippets I-IV Season IV; Bonzo Snippets 7-14 Season VI; Bonzo Files I-V Season I; Bonzos Genetic Connection To Funk DVDs I-XIII ; CDs Concepts 17-25 & The Best Of Bonzos Studio Snippets!!!


3)        Drummer Jeff Indyke Discusses The Bottle & You Tube (Order….All Mentioned Bonham Studies!!; Genetic Funk Studies & Clark Files Season IV & V!!!


4)        Indyke Demos a Mathematical Science Proposition From Be Bop (Order….All Bonham Files; Clark Files & Genetic Funk Files!!!


5)         Jeff Indyke Teaches Great Fills (Order…. Britts Genius Of Stroke Season VI File I; CD Concepts 1&2!!!


6)        Jeff revisits Peart’s Freewill Drum Beat and Improvs on it (Order Genius Of Stroke; CD Concepts 32-35; Odd Time CDs & DVDs!!!


7)        Drum Lesson: The Evolution & Application Of The Paradiddle (Order…CD Concepts 13,14, 15 & 16; DVD Origins Of Rock All!!!


8)         Drum Lesson The Single Stroke 5 Roll by Jeff Indyke (Order…Gadd Files; Origins Of Rudiments; Beauford Files; Clark Files!!!


9)        Jeff Indyke is Back with Season 6 Physical Graffiti Segment ( Order… All DVD Physical Graffiti DVDs Season VI ; Greatest Albums Of All Time!!! & Physical Graffiti Genetic Connection To Funk DVD Series!!!


Solos That Incorporate Concepts


1)        Jeff Indyke: Great Groove Drum Solo….Study…Genetic Funk ; Clark Files; Cobham Files; Gadd Files; CDs Concepts 4, 18, 43, 15 & 16!!!

2)        Jeff Indyke: Review of Dan Britts Sam Ash Drum Clinic Part I….Study… All Genetic Funk Studies; Concepts 6, 15, 16, 31 & 42!!

3)        Jeff Indyke: Review #5 Dan Britt Sam Ash Drum Clinic….Study… CD Concepts

4)        1, 4, 15, 16, 29 & 43!!!