Early in my teaching career, I taught a student who voiced a need for some ideas that sounded like Billy Cobham. I wrote out four different riffs. He came back the following week and was really enthusiastic about them. But he needed more technical work to build the riffs up to their tempo potential. I then composed an extensive development on each of the 4 riffs, consisting of 30 to 40 possible variations on each of the original four themes. The results proved to be excellent!!! I not only taught this student an exact ideas - but was able to suggest variations to motivate him to develop his own style!

My cassette mail order course actually came about by accident. Over the years, I've been advertised in Modern Drummer for private instruction on the styles of John Bonham, Neil Peart, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd, etc... But I kept getting calls from drummers out of my area who wanted to study my materials. So I took on a few students out of the area and sent them taped lessons of what I normally teach in my studio. The result was exceptional! The tape concepts now available are a result of those early days.

Each lesson is accompanied by the written themes and extensive development of variations. I first talk a little about the ideas and then I go through playing each theme at a very slow tempo, while counting aloud. Later I play them faster and more in context to give you an idea of how they sound at playing tempos. After I go through basic training on the concept, I then get into total drumset application. Which includes movements, combining with rhythms and/or fills, constructing solos, or just creating a groove!! I related the ideas to many forms of music. For example on some of the Steve Gadd ideas, I'll get more into a heavier feel on it. The main thing I'm going for here is a lot of musical ideas and applications.



Description & Purpose of Song Analysis Concept Tapes (a small percentage of the tapes)


My idea of this originally came about when several of my students started working on certain tunes, such as "Stairway to Heaven". I noticed that even with the aid of an exact drum chart of the tune, they were running into technical problems of getting a smooth groove and nailing those fills towards the end of the tune.

The solution I came up with was writing out several of the main parts exactly, and then several hip variations on each part to help strengthen the technical skills needed to play the tunes. The variations also help serve the excellent purpose of allowing one to play the tune with more of their own feel and input! I also spend time relating these concepts to other types of musical applications. Which allows the student to use these ideas in other tune situations. The technical and creative results of this procedure have been phenomenal.



Benefits Derived from the Courses


From a technical point of view, these concepts are quite demanding. If you are not able to play a concept at tempo, these developments make great exercises for working toward that technical goal! For example: Many of my students do not have ability (yet) to play "Good Times, Bad Times" at the recorded tempo. But my developed exercises have gotten them much closer. Striving and visualization is what it's all about!! I'm sure that Mr. John Bonham worked many, many long and hard hours developing and toning his massive technique. Neil Peart, Alex VanHalen, Simon Phillips, Carl Palmer, Tommy Aldridge, Buddy Rich, and many others all visualized themselves being that good long before they ever established that goal. So, in a way, my concepts are visualization exercises.

Another advantage to my developments is that all concepts are extensively developed with many possibilities on each theme. This in turn will give you many new ways to be original with previously-established ideas. If my materials are practiced consistently, it will increase your technical and creative capacities vastly.

I hope you will find my ideas useful.

To Good Drumming,

Jeff Indyke


What People are Saying about Jeff's Drum Instructional Tapes/DVDs

"You're such a fantastic teacher! I've improved my technique and style at least 50% with some of your cassettes. Continue your great job. You're doing what I've been looking for, for years and years." - Louie Lemieux (Canada)

"Thanks for sending Concept 8. I was impressed. Made me think of things I've never given any consideration. I've been very please with your lessons tapes & have noticed improvements in my playing already. Thanks." - Justin Province (Nebraska)

"In my opinion, your tapes are the best material I've seen since I started drumming." - Dan Wettico (Sweden)

"I am a guitarist who owns an Alesis HR-16 (Simmons). If I could put a Brain in the machine, it would be yours." - Jay Taylor (VA)

"The tape is wonderful. The best idea you've come up with yet. Nothing beats hearing the patterns played slow to fast & played so well." - Tom Ellis (California)

"I currently have 7 of your tapes. They are GREAT!!! Especially for drummers like myself who, due to a busy work schedule, can't squeez drum lessons in. I would like to order 25 more tapes! Keeup up the good work."
"P.S. Dial-A-Beat is happening" - Dave Kehs (MD)

"These tapes are just perfect because I don't have time to get out and take regular lessons. You really do an awesome job on these tapes." - Dave Uhouse, Jr. (PA)

"I caught your Dial-A-Beat Kick'n fills over the phone and let me tell you, they are really hot. I play a TOP 40 gig and I'd like to incorporate some of those lick in my own style of playing. Keep putting these licks OVER THE WIRE!!!" - Rick Sabiston (NC)

"Your studies have a lot of great feels. Keep up the good work." - Mark Foerderer (Canada)

"I received #4. I'm totally thrilled with your concepts. They go perfectly with the materials I'm going from GARY CHESTER!!! Thanks a lot, I love your stuff. God Bless." - Joe Commesso, Jr. (CA)

"I find your tapes very interesting and inspirational." - Dan Pyles (WV)

"YOU really jammed on that tape. I said to myself, I'd love to be able to play like that. Your tape made me think a lot more positive about getting to my playing goals." - Greg Soltesz (CT)

"Heard Your Drumming Lesson on Dial-A-Beat. Great Stuff!!!" - James Garcia (Things Flux Music)

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